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The Grand Budapest Hotel


Wes Anderson:  For some reason, I have never found myself really liking  any of Wes Anderson’s work…until this movie.

The Plot:  The movie follows a concierge Monsieur Gustave (Fiennes) and his adventures with his lobby boy Zero (Revolori) as they try to uncover the truth behind the death of Madame D. (Swinton).  Her son Dmitri (Brody) thinks that he should be the one to inherit everything from her estate and has his goon Jopling (Defoe) take care of anything in his way.The quirks and weirdness only add to the feel of the movie.

The Comedy:  The comedy lies in the mannerisms of the “Grand Budapest” universe as a whole.  There are quirks to this universe and it’s so difficult to explain.  It’s like watching a pop-up book come to life.  There are moments where you think, this isn’t a comedy, but then one sled ride later you’re giggling again.

The Feel:  This won’t be for everyone.  I thought the idea of a story within a story like “Arabian Nights” was pretty cool.  There were just so many layers to what was happening but the end goal was still the same.  To find out who owns the hotel.  You’ll also enjoy cameos from the usual Anderson suspects so get excited.

Overall:  This is wonderful and hilarious and I want to make everyone see this.  That’s not really possible, but I wish it was.  If you’ve never seen a Wes Anderson movie, this might be a good place to start.

Extras: Trailer, The Hotel, The Story



When Bored:  Things like “Turbo” get added to your list on Netflix and you end up watching it.

The Plot:  Ridiculous.  This snail Theo, later Turbo, has dreams of becoming a racing snail.  Due to a freak accident, Turbo is gifted powers of super speed and ends up racing in the Indy 500.  I know this is a kids movie but I just couldn’t get into this one.  If you’ve been following, you know I’m all about the family fun.  I just didn’t think this movie quite hit it home.

The Voices:  Holla to Samuel L. Jackson and Paul Giamatti.  Definitely didn’t realize that they were in this one.  Heck, Bill Hader, Snoop Dogg, Maya Rudolph?!  This is like voice actor porn!

Overall:  Pass.  I know it’s on Netflix, but I still can’t believe I sat through the whole thing.

Extras: Trailer, Interviews, That Snail Is Fast!



The Books:  Are amazing!  Yes, it’s young adult and yes, I read all three in less than 2 weeks.  I’m annoyed with myself that it took so long for me to actually see this.

The Factions:  If you didn’t already know, “Divergent” is about a post-war society that is divided into one of factions based on personality.  Tris (Woodley) is divergent which means she doesn’t belong in any one faction.  The movie follows her as she finds herself in Dauntless, the faction for bravery.

The Love:  Tris finds herself entwined with Four (James), who is dreamy mcdream dream.  I was a bit upset about how much older they cast the characters, but I got over it as Theo James won over my eyes.  The chemistry between the two characters was great, but I think that, please don’t kill me, they didn’t quite capture Tris.  She’s supposed to be small and the age difference between Woodley and James is super noticeable.  I do, however, love Woodley in pretty much everything (I’m looking at you “Secret Life of the American Teenager”).

The Translation:  The scenes were exactly what I pictured in my head as I was reading. The zip-line, the tattoos, the simulations, all of it amazing!  That being said, parts were left out.  It happens, and I’ll get over it just like everyone else should, but I never understand how cutting out that one thing really saves time.

The performances: I really disliked Zoe Kravitz in “X-Men: First Class” but there was some redemption in this one for her.  Like I said before, lady crush on Shailene and real crush on Theo (actually just his accent).  I was pretty impressed with everyone.  I was worried Miles Teller would be meh but he pulled off Peter.  I also thought the Prior family was great and so true to the book.  And I really wanted to punch Eric in the face so props to you Jai Courtney.

Overall:  Perfect for any teen. It’s not just for girls or boys and it’s just entertaining to watch Tris make her choices and stand up for herself.  You do you Tris!

Extras: Unscripted, The Factions, At Comic-Con

How I Live Now

The Book:  I had no idea this was a book first and now I think I should read it.  It’s very dark and not entirely what I expected.

The War:  Elizabeth, aka Daisy (Ronan) is sent to live with extended family in UK because of the danger looming for WWIII.  Soon bombs and troops infiltrate the countryside and Daisy and her cousins must learn to survive.  It’s very depressing but it also has its beautiful moments.  Daisy is such a pill at the beginning but her inner dialogue would make anyone crazy.  Tom Holland is going to be a huge star and he was great in this as cousin Isaac.

The Love:  There is a love story thrown in that I kind of could’ve done without.  Daisy and her cousin Eddie (MacKay) have this chemistry that blooms into love throughout the course of the movie.  Yes, I said cousin.  The author says she didn’t even realize that was going to disturb people.  That didn’t disturb me so much as their youth and the sexuality of the relationship along with that.  However, McKay is beautiful so there’s that.

Overall:  Ronan did an amazing job and I really enjoyed watching this family try to heal and find their way home.  It’s almost too realistic at some points but then other points it was so dramatic.  I don’t think this is required viewing for anyone, but maybe required reading.

Extras: Trailer, Saoirse, Featurette


The Divorce:  Me being an “Adult Child of Divorce” meant I was very intrigued by this movie.  It was also a freebie on my plane ride so I figured it would be a good plane movie.

The Psychology:  According to this movie, divorce is a life ruiner.  That’s an oversimplification but it depicts this guy who has it all together but then he finds that he really doesn’t.  Well, that sounds like almost anyone, not just people with divorced parents.  Not every ACOD is rebellious or has commitment issues or whatever, that’s something ANYONE can have.  It was irritating to see these stigmas applied to just people with divorced parents.

The Plot:  My discomfort with subject matter aside, the plot itself was really funny and entertaining.  I enjoyed seeing Carter (Scott) squirm around his parents (Jenkins and O’Hara).  I love seeing his relationships ebb and flow with his state of mind.  Not all divorces end with such malice, but some of these events were believable minus the cinematic and comedic spins put on them.

Overall:  I laughed and sympathized with the characters, but I didn’t find myself relating to this movie at all.  Watch it for entertainment purposes and you’ll get a pretty good kick watching Scott try to keep his head above water.  I’m also in love with the cast so there’s that.

Extras: PSA, At Sundance, Therapy?

Twelve Monkeys

Time Travel:  These kinds of time travel paradox movies are the best.  Well, some are better than others but the whole premise is great.  This was Bruce’s first time travel related movie but it wouldn’t be his last (“Looper”, and “The Kid”).

The Virus:  So there’s this virus that gets released in the year 1996/97 that wipes out 5 billion people and humans are forced to live underground.  Willis emerges as a convict looking to get pardoned by time traveling to locate the source of this virus and attempt to change it.  Madeleine Stowe is a psychiatrist, Railly, that discovers James Cole (Willis) when he first travels back to 1990.  The scientists in 2035 realize their mistake and eventually get him to the right time, that is after sending him to WWI.  It’s twisty and awesome and even though Willis isn’t my favorite, I enjoyed all of it!

Oh Brad (and others):  Brad Pitt how you stole the show.  I’ve seen Brad play variances of himself, but I’ve only really been impressed by “Fight Club” until THIS.  I really thought he was insane.  Pitt and Willis meet in a mental institution in 1990 and Pitt becomes the prime suspect in the release of the virus.  The other performances were meh and the whole love interest thing was totally unimportant and irritating but the main plot points were exciting.

Overall:  It’s cool to see Bruce in all his “Die Hard” and “Fifth Element” glory, but I think a different leading man would have made this a lot more watchable.  I still say well done to Terry Gilliam though!

Extras: Trailer, Cray Cray Brad, Time Travel Rant

Veronica Mars

Marshmallows:  This is it!  The kickstarter funded reboot of one of my favorite short-lived shows.  VMars is back in action and I love it!  Any fan will enjoy all the little touches relating to the show.

The Reunion: Everyone comes back!!  Well, almost everyone.  It seems like Leighton Meester was unavailable to reprise her role and Sherriff Lamb has a brother all of the sudden, but everyone is back!  I loved seeing the relationships.  It’s like nothing has changed!

The Case:  This got everyone involved and was literally perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for a better case to get Veronica back in the game.  I will admit that I was a bit disappointed that the movie still had a small-screen feel, but I got over it.

Oh Veronica:  How fickle the heart can be.  Veronica I’m really rooting for you to figure out what you want in life.  I’m not gonna lie, but I’m right there with ya!

Overall:  This is super cute and I love this entire team headed by Rob Thomas.  I hope that everyone sees this labor of love and enjoys being entertained as much as I did.  I won’t say it’s a must see, but any other marshmallow will tell you otherwise.

Extras: Trailer, The Campaign, Kristen

Thor: The Dark World

The Sequel:  Marvel never ceases to grasp my attention so I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to finally see this.  That being said…

The Science:  I loved that this franchise seems to successfully blend science with science fiction and super heroes.  Granted, it’s not realistic at all, but I don’t find myself getting so caught up in the reality of things for this Marvel universe.  As a side note, it’s cool to see a smart woman scientist willing to punch dudes and has all the answers.

The Dialogue:  This was not so great.  I literally laughed at some of the dialogue like out loud.  Thor has a very specific way that he speaks as do all of the Asgardians, but when you put that with how normal everyone else speaks it turns into comedy that I can’t take seriously.  The banter from Loki is amazing though but I think Tom Hiddleston gets the credit for making that amazing.  Portman was not performing at her best and you can tell she didn’t really want to be there.

The Villain:  Praise you Christopher Eccleston for being a freakin awesome dark elf.  Ruthless and intimidating and great to watch.  I liked his parts better than most of the others really.

Overall:  If you love the Marvel universe, you’ll obviously want to and need to see this.  It felt a little lacking so I’m hoping that Captain America will make up the difference.  But oh man is Chris Hemsworth beautiful.

Extras: Trailer, B-Roll, Panel