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Bad Words


Unbelievable: I was excited to see Bateman take the director’s seat, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Bad Words:  Guy Trilby (Bateman) enters a spelling bee meant for kids.  He finds a loophole in the rules and makes his way to finals.  He’s sponsored by reporter Jenny Widgeon (Hahn) who tried to understand why he’s doing this.  Along the way, Guy makes friends with fellow competitor Chaitanya (Chand).  The story follows Guy as he makes his shakes things up in the bee.

The Bee:  There’s like two twists in this movie.  One I saw coming, the other took me a minute.  I was so entertained by the relationship between the kid and Guy that I didn’t care about most of the other interactions.  Guy is a terrible person that employs horrific means to get what he wants, so some of his pranks are a bit cringe-worthy.  I have to admit he does have some great comebacks and one-liners.

Overall:  I enjoyed Bateman’s film director debut.  It was a weird premise but the characters were charming and their relationships hilarious.  It’s weird and twisted but funny.  Worth the rent for a laugh.

Extras: Trailer, Clip, Bateman

Guardians of the Galaxy


Marvel:  I had so many theories on what they would do with this movie, and I was not disappointed.

The Guardians: Peter Quill/Star Lord (Pratt) is abducted from Earth just after his mother died.  He becomes a ravager and obtains an orb.  Gamora (Saldana) wants this orb and Rocket (Cooper) and Groot (Diesel) want Quill for bounty.  They all end up getting arrested and must fight together to get the orb back from Ronan (Pace) before he destroys Xandar which is like an Earth ish planet.

Laugh or Fight:  Having funny-man Pratt as the leader was iffy for me at first.  I thought they would try to make it too “Iron Man” ish but the comedy was taken in a different direction and established Star Lord as a separate type of comic than RDJ.  I loved what he brought to the role and can’t wait to see the next installment!  Saldana and Bautista kicked some butt although Bautista fell flat on the acting front.  Groot and Rocket made a great team too so I loved it.  Also LOVED Kaen Gillan as Nebula.

Overall:  See it obviously.  Marvel knows how to do their movies and this one was no different.  Don’t go in expecting something like the “Avengers” because it sets itself apart from that.

Extras: Trailer, Funny Man, Bonus



Getting Biblical:  I wasn’t sure how religiously oriented this movie was going to be…turns out a lot.

The Flood:  The majority of this movie is focused on pre-flood planning.  Noah (Crowe) gets messages from God that there is going to be a flood and that he must build an ark so he figures that’s what he must do.  He and his family board the ark just as an army attacks to take it over.  There are these decrepit angels called watchers that watch over his family as the depart and helped them along the way.

So Sad:  It’s such a different take on the story.  Crowe portrays a much more hardened Noah and the random fantasy parts make you wonder what angle the producers were going for.  Also, Emma Watson is crying like the entire movie.  Jennifer Connelly does some stunning work and the sons (Lerman and Boothe) are okay too.

The Visuals:  Honestly, the visuals were the best part of this.  Stunning shots and graphics that were just top notch.  I would watch it again just for that.

Overall:  Everyone did great performances and I will probably watch it again because there is a lot of info thrown at you in the beginning.

Extras: Trailer, The Ark, Creation

Safe Haven


Mr Sparks:  I’m a sucker for these.  I know it’s not realistic, buuuuut don’t care I’m still a girl.

The Dramaaaa:  Erin/Katie (Hough) runs away from her abusive husband.  The police are chasing her and she ends up hopping a bus.  She ends up in Southport, NC where she meets Alex (Duhamel) and his family reeling from the loss of his wife.  Secrets, scandal, etc. ensues.  It’s actually a beautiful story with the two of them building something new from the shambles of previous lives.

The Mystery:  I watched this with my friend and probably annoyed the crap out of her incessantly guessing what was coming next.  It’s not super mysterious but it made the movie more thrilling I guess.  But would you really just be okay if the woman you were seeing was wanted for murder?  Sure, he freaks out but that was silly.

Overall: Watch “The Notebook” before ANY OTHER Nicholas Sparks movie.  I will admit I liked “Dear John” better than this one but it might just be my aversion for Hough.  I do love me some Cobie Smulders though!

Extras: Trailer, Interviews, Beach Clip

Black Hawk Down


Too Real: This was based on true events.  It was difficult to understand what they were going through and I think this movie was a good translation.

Fighting Back:  A bunch of military teams are thrown together in a mission to capture a Somalian Dictator.  The mission costs many lives and is just insane.  After about 20 minutes of tame in the beginning, it all goes to hell and it’s gun fighting the rest of the movie.

Immense Cast:  So much name dropping.  Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Jason Isaacs, Eric Bana, Josh Hartnett, Tom Sizemore, and oh my god this list is already too long.  As it is with most large casts, it’s difficult to pick up names and keep everyone straight.  I pretty much gave up on the names after a while but it’s still okay to follow.  I really thought they all did a great job and it was very engaging.

Overall:  It’s loud and a lot of sadness and scary BUT I think that it’s a great movie to watch.  It’s almost on par with “Pearl Harbor” sadness, but it’s totally worth it.

Extras: Trailer, Training, The Real Deal



Dystopian Rules: I’m obsessed with these movies and I know the world is too or people wouldn’t keep making them!

Da Plot: Global warming has consumed the earth so we launch chemicals into the atmosphere to stop it but we end up freezing the earth.  What’s left of humanity lives on board a train that runs around the world.  Poor in the back, rich in the front.  Curtis (Evans) leads those from the tail to the front in a revolt and it’s not everything he thought it would be.  He fights alongside friend Edgar (Bell) with guidance from Gilliam (Hurt).  His efforts are fought by Mason (Swinton) who works for Wilford (Harris).  It’s a crazy sci-fi, futuristic, humanity questioning film and I LOVED it!  One of my favorite ladies Octavia Spencer is in it too.  Yes, there are loopholes, but it’s still a great movie.

The Quirks:  This movie has it’s share of just weirdness.  Director Bong Joon-Ho totally put his marks on this.  There’s a weird drug people have, the train has funky cars they travel through, crazy locksmiths (Song), and just all kinds of what the what.  I will admit, someone besides Bong should have done the screenplay because some parts were just odd and it could’ve been the deliveries but I had to giggle at parts of the dialogue.

Overall:  It’s brilliant and makes me want to read the graphic novel it’s based on (Le Transperceneige).  SO.  COOL.  Obviously adults only and it’s pretty sad but a revolution has its casualties.  This is totally the dark horse of the summer movies.

Extras: Red Band Trailer, The Experience, Battering Ram



Holy Matrix: The stunts in this movie were literally “The Matrix” just with Christian Bale and Taye Diggs.

The Plot:  In the future, a serum is made that keeps people from feeling and the society in order.  Run by Father (Pertwee) and his right hand man DuPont (MacFadyen), this society is kept in order by the clerics.  The clerics rid the society of people who keep anything culturally relevant like art, music, anything like that.  John Preston (Bale) is a cleric that eventually sympathizes with the resistance and revolution ensues.  Shout out to Sean Bean and William Fichtner for their quick appearances.

The Idea:  The idea behind this was really cool, but strangely reminiscent of “The Giver” I’ve found.  The writing was okay, but there were so many loopholes!  Like, there’s a scene where Taye Diggs, who plays a fellow cleric, gets angry…but aren’t you NOT supposed to feel?? He’s clearly feeling something there!  I just felt like they had all these ideas for a cool society and it turned out to be weird.  Also, they incinerate people who are arrested.  You couldn’t find a cooler way to kill people in the future?  Just suspend reality with the fighting.  Like I said, Matrix.

Overall:  The action is super cool and seeing my man Taye in something like this was great.  Lots of blood and stuff obviously, so not for the kiddies.  It’s on Netflix so you might as well, it’s entertaining!

Extras: Trailer, FIGHT, Second Opinion



The Neeson:  Liam Neeson is 62.  HOW IS HE STILL DOING THESE MOVIES??

The Plot:  Bill Marks (Neeson) is a cop that became an air marshal after the death of his daughter and divorce.  He boards a plane heading for London and starts receiving texts.  The texts threaten to kill someone every 20 minutes until they get $150 million.  You’ll never guess who it really is because it’s actually pretty lame.

The Drama:  I’ve seen “Flight Plan” so I was ready for some serious drama.  It was just so basic.  The reasoning behind the hijacking was weird and stretched a little thin and the movie is just kind of superficial.

The Action:  Well, there’s plenty of this.  Or as much as there can be on a plane.  It’s mostly just tense moments, not so much boom crash bam!  I thought Marks as a character was bland (as was everyone else) but the lead should at least be engaging.  I was not impressed.

Overall:  A decent effort, but not necessary to see.

Extras: Trailer, Chatting, Featurette